Role Models and Ryan’s Story

So this improved way of delivering quality lessons to Ryan has really helped with his creative thinking and writing.  It allows for more outside of the box learning, not just memorization of facts.  It allows the student to apply what they have learned previously and what they are learning now to make it more ofContinue reading “Role Models and Ryan’s Story”

A Retreat, The Cruise, and Training

So I can’t believe that it is the end of June.  I knew that this would be a busy month, but sheesh.  This month started with me attending the first annual RPM Homeschooling Parents Retreat Weekend in Maryland.  This was my first time traveling without kids on an airplane in 10 years.  The weekend wasContinue reading “A Retreat, The Cruise, and Training”

New Field Trips and the Last Day of School

Ryan has still been very interested in talking to employees in stores.  The problem was that when we got to a store, it became hard to think of questions on the fly and all of the distractions made it harder to organize his thoughts in a new environment.  We decided that it would be bestContinue reading “New Field Trips and the Last Day of School”