The Library Tour and Meeting the Mayor

This week, we finally got back into the swing of school after having two weeks of other activities that impacted our ability to have “regular days” at school.  Ryan had his EEG two weeks ago (and we should be getting the results soon) and then we had Lenae Crandall of HEED RPM in town for 8Continue reading “The Library Tour and Meeting the Mayor”

24 Hour EEG

On Friday, Ryan had a 24 hour EEG (Electroencephalography is an electrophysiological monitoring method to record electrical activity of the brain.)  Ryan’s doctor, Dr. Rossignol, suggested that he have a 24 hr EEG to determine if he was having absence seizures that might be interfering with his ability to speak.  Ryan was seen by Dr. Rossignol in February whileContinue reading “24 Hour EEG”