Ryan’s Return

Dear Fans of my Blog,

It is me, Ryan. I am alive and old now. Just kidding. I am fourteen.

It is mostly tiredness that has totally made it hard to keep blogging. I miss it though.

Turning a page now, dearly want to restart again. Too loving too much hearing from my fans.

So will you follow me on a blog reboot?

Rooting for you guys,


Ryan waiting for his keyboard lesson at School of Rock.

9 thoughts on “Ryan’s Return

  1. Hi Ryan,

    You are one cool dude! I don’t know any other 14 year olds who have a blog. Have a terrific summer!

    Valerie Grabowski (Grandpa Mark’s sister)


  2. Hi Ryan!
    My name is Becky and I have a son who has severe autism and does RPM. We have been doing it for 2 1/2 years now. I’m so proud of my sons hard work and his improvements! He really struggles with consistency though. He wants to point to the same side or the same letter on the stencils. Did you ever struggle with this? What helped you to improve? Any insight would be so wonderful! Hoping wonderful things for you and your family! God bless!


  3. Hello Ryan,

    I stumbled upon this blog while looking for information about RPM, which I am hoping to use with my seven year old son. I would love to read more about how you spell to communicate. Thank you for sharing your experiences!


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