Role Models and Ryan’s Story

So this improved way of delivering quality lessons to Ryan has really helped with his creative thinking and writing.  It allows for more outside of the box learning, not just memorization of facts.  It allows the student to apply what they have learned previously and what they are learning now to make it more ofContinue reading “Role Models and Ryan’s Story”

A Retreat, The Cruise, and Training

So I can’t believe that it is the end of June.  I knew that this would be a busy month, but sheesh.  This month started with me attending the first annual RPM Homeschooling Parents Retreat Weekend in Maryland.  This was my first time traveling without kids on an airplane in 10 years.  The weekend wasContinue reading “A Retreat, The Cruise, and Training”

New Field Trips and the Last Day of School

Ryan has still been very interested in talking to employees in stores.  The problem was that when we got to a store, it became hard to think of questions on the fly and all of the distractions made it harder to organize his thoughts in a new environment.  We decided that it would be bestContinue reading “New Field Trips and the Last Day of School”

Ryan’s Music Playlist & Music Homework (Spoiler Alert: One is a Song About Grandpa Bob)

Over the past 7 months, we have discovered that Ryan is a big fan of ballads and love songs.  With Music Tuesdays, we either have a lesson about an artist, a genre of music, or anything else musically related.  We also listen to a lot of music, especially via YouTube and Pandora.  Ryan’s music teacher,Continue reading “Ryan’s Music Playlist & Music Homework (Spoiler Alert: One is a Song About Grandpa Bob)”

The Graduation and The Wizarding World of Harry Potter

This past weekend, Ryan, Grace, Randy, and I traveled to Tallahassee, Florida for Uncle Doug’s college graduation from Florida State University.  We met up with the family on Friday afternoon and spent some time with each other and then all of us headed back to our hotel in Bainbridge, Georgia (which was about 50 minutesContinue reading “The Graduation and The Wizarding World of Harry Potter”

RPM Questions and Answers

After posting the video of Ryan spelling with his letter board, we received the following questions.  I wrote back directly to the person who submitted them, but I thought that they were great questions and that our readers could benefit from them.  With her permission, I have posted the questions below and I have answeredContinue reading “RPM Questions and Answers”

Board Games, the JFK Assassination, and One of Ryan’s Stories

  We have talked about how RPM has been life changing for the family before, but I wanted to give you another example. Lately, we have been doing board games at home and at family events and we include Ryan.  Some of the games that we have played are Headbands, Guess Who, Boggle (this oneContinue reading “Board Games, the JFK Assassination, and One of Ryan’s Stories”

Opening Day, the Autism Experience Video, and Adventures

So, this happened on Monday. Ryan knew that we were going to Opening Day for the Texas Rangers for a couple of weeks now.  He also knew that it was just a special date with his parents by himself.  Over the past week, he would every so often spell something like EAGER FOR OPENING DAYContinue reading “Opening Day, the Autism Experience Video, and Adventures”

Autism Awareness (I mean ACTION) Month and Some New Skills (and a Video!)

I asked Ryan if we could write a post about Autism Awareness Month as it begins April 1st.  He thought that this was a good idea.  I asked him what he thought about a whole month being devoted to Autism Awareness. His response:  I FIND THAT CARING HAS TO BE TOO MUCH MEANINGFUL, SO GIVEContinue reading “Autism Awareness (I mean ACTION) Month and Some New Skills (and a Video!)”

More Museums, Communication Issues, and Grandpa Bob’s Rally

I have so much to write about since our last post.  Things have been busy around here as we just got back into town late Tuesday night from our trip to Florida for Grandpa Bob’s Rally. I first want to talk about two field trips that we went on though. Two weeks ago, Ryan andContinue reading “More Museums, Communication Issues, and Grandpa Bob’s Rally”