Body Control With Autism and a Haiku

We had a streak going.  We had been in the pool every day (with the exception of the first night arriving here) and I wasn’t sure how long we would keep the streak alive.  Well on Wednesday, Randy had to work late, I was not feeling my best, and Ryan’s hands were very badly scraped/scuffed up from “wall walking” the edge of the pool.  His hands were at the point of bleeding and on Tuesday we were having a lot of trouble stopping the bleeding due to the thin skin on his finger tips.  I thought that it would be best to take a break from the pool because of all of the above reasons.  I spoke with Ryan about it and he replied I AM NOT FEELING GOOD ANYWAY.  “So is it okay to skip the pool today?”  YES.  Well two minutes later, Ryan brings me his bathing suit.  “Why did you bring me your bathing suit if you agreed that it was okay to skip the pool?”  NOT SURE WHY I DID THAT.  “What should I do then?”  JUST IGNORE IT.

About five minutes later, he came up to me and started vocalizing (which usually comes out something like ba ba ba) and he was pointing to the door to the patio for the pool.  I said, “Ryan we agreed that we are skipping the pool today.  Why are you pointing at the door?”  YES TO AUTISM RANDOM POINTING.  He then did it again.  AUTISM MAKES ME DO IT.  “So you understand that we are not going in the pool today?”  YES.

Another one of the things that Ryan does often that is perplexing to us is to bring an adult his favorite brand of seasoning, Tony Chachere’s, when he wants to eat.  He usually does this more than once a day.  We assume that he wants some sort of item that he wants to put the seasoning on, but sometimes we will heat something up and he refuses it.  The other day, he brought the seasoning to me.  I asked him, “What do you want to eat?”  I gave him choices that might go with the seasoning like chicken, bacon, hot dogs and he replied NOT VERY HUNGRY.  “Why did you bring me the seasoning?”  I JUST NEED A SMALL SNACK.  “So something like crackers or pretzels?”  YES.

It was time for our morning lesson today.  Sometimes, Ryan will let me know that he needs a little more time before the lesson and I try and respect that.  He does this with the letter board.  Well today I asked him if he was ready for the lesson.  YES TO THE LESSON NOW.  The problem was that he would not go to the room with the table.  He laid down on the floor and was dead weight.  He would not get up.  I tried to pick him up but I couldn’t.  I tried again and failed.  I then took his iPad and brought it to the room.  He finally got up and followed me to the table.  I went ahead with the lesson first and then I asked him about it.  “If you were ready to do the lesson with me, why was it so hard for you to come to the table?”  YES TO HARD.  YES TO MY BODY NOT COOPERATING WITH ME.  “So is it okay for me to take your iPad and bring it to the table or to try and pick you up to get to the table?”  YES TO DOING THAT.

Now the outside observer would definitely think that he did not want to do the lesson but it is quite the opposite.  Ryan always wants to learn.  He gets upset if we miss a lesson.  Last week he had a poor night of sleep so he ended up sleeping most of the day.  We were not able to get a lesson in because we had plans in the evening.  I explained this to him and his reply was AUTISM ALWAYS INTERRUPTS MY LIFE.

So today we did a lesson on poems since Ryan has recently expressed an interest in poems.  We talked about Haiku poems and their origin.  We talked about the rules of haiku poems (5-7-5 format) and syllables.  I never taught Ryan syllables.  He spelled out that he knew what they were already.  I quizzed him on a few words and he got them all right.  I asked him where he learned about syllables.  NOT SURE.  Since I knew that he understood the concept, I then asked him if he wanted to write one himself.  YES.  So we started and he spelled NOT SURE WHAT TO WRITE ABOUT.  I gave him some suggestions like the pool, moving, his iPad, family, and (I wasn’t sure about this one) autism. He chose Family.

My Family

Family has me.

Really love them too, too much.

Need them in my life.

5 thoughts on “Body Control With Autism and a Haiku

  1. yes! all the tears. reading about these experiences is also giving me a lot of insight into my son who is on the high functioning (and verbal) end… but not able to articulate some of these feelings /awareness as well as Ryan.


  2. Ryan may enjoy reading a fellow typer’s poetry. My son David wrote some beautiful poetry when he was Ryan’s age. It can be found at Unfortunately, David stopped writing poetry after puberty. I don’t know why, he says he just doesn’t feel it any more. Sadly, we have not updated this website in ten years. Life is just so busy…

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  3. I tell people that our thoughts don’t always translate to our physical actions. When your mind wants you to snap your fingers and you do it, you don’t think about it but when you have autism, your fingers won’t snap if your mind says to. This is the beginning of understanding autistic behavior. There are times when Ryan will want to stay in the room and indicate yes, but he leaves the room and indicates no. He calls me “meaningful Mark“. He says “Mark gets me“… I. Love. That.

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