President Curry and a Special Meeting

Our homeschool schedule is so packed this school year.  We are on the road a good portion of the week due to Speech Therapy.  This is a good trade off to me though.  Ryan is still making progress and he is still getting academics at home from Adriana and from me.  We listen to audiobooksContinue reading “President Curry and a Special Meeting”

Summer Vacation 2018, Part 1

Goodbye Summer, hello school! We finished summer with a bang as we took a family vacation to San Diego, California last week.  Ryan has a doctor that he has to visit annually, with offices in Southern California and Central Florida, so we scheduled an appointment in August and planned a vacation around it. We arrivedContinue reading “Summer Vacation 2018, Part 1”

10 Things We Would Have Never Known Without Rapid Prompting Method

We went to 5:00 pm Mass last night.  As we were singing the Gloria, a thought popped into my head.  I looked down at Ryan and I thought about how amazing it was that he was sitting next to me in church and that this is our normal every week.  It sort of spiraled fromContinue reading “10 Things We Would Have Never Known Without Rapid Prompting Method”

Answering a Question, a Hair Cut, and a Science Project

When we first started the blog, Ryan wanted to answer some reader questions.  He did this, and recently, he received a new question from a family member. She asked, “Ryan, I recently encountered a young man who appeared to have autism.  I wanted to say something to him to show him that I understood aContinue reading “Answering a Question, a Hair Cut, and a Science Project”

More Races, The North Richland Hills Dog Show, and a Fun Event

It has been a busy month of May for us so far.  Ryan, Freckles, and I ran in another local race in which we posted about on Facebook. I was worried during and after this race.  The hills made it very difficult.  Ryan ran the entire first mile, but then had trouble after that.  AtContinue reading “More Races, The North Richland Hills Dog Show, and a Fun Event”

The Mythbusters and Some More of Ryan’s Writings

Last weekend, Ryan and I participated in a panel discussion with two other families to talk about our experience with Rapid Prompting Method. This was our second TACA event and the turnout was good despite the rainy, cold day.  Randy and I had to split parent because Grace had her midseason School of Rock showContinue reading “The Mythbusters and Some More of Ryan’s Writings”