A Sensory Friendly Movie, a New Story, and a Classic Game Adapted RPM Style

It was Spring Break here this past week, so Ryan, Grace, Freckles, and I hung out and tried to relax and have fun for the week.  Randy was out of town for work, so it was just us.  The weather was nice, so we hit the park a few times, trained for our upcoming 5K,Continue reading “A Sensory Friendly Movie, a New Story, and a Classic Game Adapted RPM Style”

Healthier Lifestyle and Some Short Stories

Ryan has wanted to incorporate changes to make his lifestyle healthier for a while now.  We try to stay active as a family and I try to be sure that there are healthy options for meals and snacks in the house.  In addition, I try and set a good example for the kids by eatingContinue reading “Healthier Lifestyle and Some Short Stories”

A Visit with a Best Friend and Some Poems

A week and a half ago, Ryan, Grace, Freckles, and I went down to Austin, Texas to visit Fox and his family.  Fox was participating in a 4 day camp with Soma at HALO.  Since one of Ryan’s best friends was in the same country and state as us, it was a no-brainer to makeContinue reading “A Visit with a Best Friend and Some Poems”

The Mavericks Game and a Book Report

One of the kids’ Christmas stocking stuffers from Santa were tickets to a Dallas Mavericks game.  We went this past Monday night and had a great time.  The drive out there was about 50 minutes and we were one of the first 5,000 people, so the kids each got a Dirk Nowitzki bobblehead, which celebratesContinue reading “The Mavericks Game and a Book Report”

Best Friends Vacation 2017 Part 2

This is a very late post, but better late than never.  Between Randy’s and Grace’s birthdays, illnesses, and Christmas, it has been challenging to find the time to write the post! Anyway, the following day after the museum, Ryan, Grace, and I braved the cold and went to Catholic Mass.  I have tried to makeContinue reading “Best Friends Vacation 2017 Part 2”

Best Friends Vacation 2017–Part One

We made it!  We left for Toronto on Thanksgiving Day and arrived without incident that night!  Grace and Ryan did excellent traveling and even endured the very long Customs line once we reached Canada.  Most of you remember that in September, Ryan’s seizure occurred once we made it to the front of the very longContinue reading “Best Friends Vacation 2017–Part One”

Books and the Barnes & Noble Interview and Tour

I am so excited about this post.  It is about Ryan’s favorite thing to do:  read books!  I know that we have talked about Ryan’s love of books before, so as I was considering possible field trips that incorporated interviews, I thought that Barnes & Noble would be perfect! If you have been following Ryan’sContinue reading “Books and the Barnes & Noble Interview and Tour”