Ups and Downs, Building a Community, and a Friendship Formed

Well that week flew by. Monday morning was difficult.  I had a meeting at Ryan’s school with the Augmentative Communication Specialist, the Speech Therapist, the Diagnostician, and Ryan’s teacher to discuss communication needs for Ryan.  We brought Ryan in and this was the first time that he had struggled in front of others when spellingContinue reading “Ups and Downs, Building a Community, and a Friendship Formed”

The Day That We Got a Tour of the Fire Station…

Today we went to the local fire station for a summer “field trip”.  I had begun a dialogue with Fire Safety Education Officer, Mr. Marcus Hodges shortly after arriving in Texas.  We were able to set up a tour of our local fire station this morning and it was an absolutely amazing experience for theContinue reading “The Day That We Got a Tour of the Fire Station…”

Cracker Barrel, Cavender’s, Football Loyalty, and Readers’ Questions

Uncle Dan (my brother) is in town and we are enjoying his company.  On Saturday we decided that we were going to go to Cracker Barrel for a late breakfast since there were none near where we used to live in California.  I was excited about it and we talked it up to both ofContinue reading “Cracker Barrel, Cavender’s, Football Loyalty, and Readers’ Questions”

Body Control With Autism and a Haiku

We had a streak going.  We had been in the pool every day (with the exception of the first night arriving here) and I wasn’t sure how long we would keep the streak alive.  Well on Wednesday, Randy had to work late, I was not feeling my best, and Ryan’s hands were very badly scraped/scuffedContinue reading “Body Control With Autism and a Haiku”

Ryan’s Recent Workshop With Soma Mukhopadhyay

We were fortunate enough to have Ryan participate in a local workshop in the area in which Ryan would get two sessions (thirty minutes in length each) with Soma Mukhopadhyay, the creator of Rapid Prompt Method.  I gave Ryan a few choices today of what he wanted to talk about for the blog and heContinue reading “Ryan’s Recent Workshop With Soma Mukhopadhyay”

More Reader Questions and About Those Fish….

We have had a great first week in Texas!  We spent time with family, unpacked boxes, went on our first road trip and Ryan even participated in a local RPM workshop with Soma Mukhopadhyay!  Ryan, Grace, and I have done very well with the transition and we are so glad to be “whole” again withContinue reading “More Reader Questions and About Those Fish….”