A Letter, a Scary Story, a Poem, and a Song

This has been a difficult Fall so far. I was out of town for the past 5 days due to Ryan’s 2.5 year old cousin, Bobby, (my nephew and Godson) being diagnosed with High Grade B Cell Stage 2 Lymphoma last week after a tumor the size of a racquetball was removed from his abdomenContinue reading “A Letter, a Scary Story, a Poem, and a Song”

The Curry Crusaders and a Story

Last week, Ryan and I went to a homeschooling event at the Perot Museum in Dallas, Texas.  The website states: Home School Family Science Day allows parents and students to explore the Perot Museum’s 11 permanent exhibit halls, engage in a variety of hands-on activities and exercise their brain through interactive kiosks and educational games.Continue reading “The Curry Crusaders and a Story”

An Update, Some of Ryan’s Poems, a New Story, and Personal Training

In case you missed it, we posted this on Facebook last week!  So much wonderful progress because Ryan worked so hard! ***** Ryan wrote the following poem and story with Adriana Barriga, during sessions in his school week. HAVING DIFFERENCES IS REALLY HEALTHY I AM DIFFERENT AND YOU ARE TOO THAT IS GOOD THAT DIFFERENCEContinue reading “An Update, Some of Ryan’s Poems, a New Story, and Personal Training”

Back to School, Standing for the National Anthem, and a Story

So we have officially been in school for 8 days now and I can honestly say that the past 8 days have been our best homeschooling days yet.  Even though I did not have a student-free week to set up a classroom like most teachers do, I have been trying to make planning a priority.Continue reading “Back to School, Standing for the National Anthem, and a Story”

Bike Camp and a New Best Friend

I Can Shine Bike Camp was put on last week by the Down Syndrome Guild of Dallas at the University of Texas at Dallas, which is about 50 minutes away from home.  I picked the middle time slot (11:40-12:55) with the hope that we would miss traffic heading there and heading home.  I didn’t reallyContinue reading “Bike Camp and a New Best Friend”

Another Song by Ryan and the Harry Potter Release Event

Ryan wrote another song this past Tuesday.  Many readers might remember that Ryan has written a few original songs and has a few recorded too.  I  was going to try and collect some sentences and thoughts that he has written recently and have him edit them to come up with a new song, but heContinue reading “Another Song by Ryan and the Harry Potter Release Event”

Passports and Best Friends Vacation Days 1,2,&3

It was December 29, 2015 and we just finished a conversation via Skype with Fox (and his mom Lisa) and Brayden (and his mom Jen) and Ryan wrote:  I AM TOO WISHING TO SEE MY FRIENDS IN PERSON.  I felt sad.  I thought to myself that everyone wants friends, especially ones that they could spendContinue reading “Passports and Best Friends Vacation Days 1,2,&3”